2018/2019 Dreamhigh Photography Representative Team
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018
By Dreamhigh Photography
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One of the best things that I've done for my business (and for my heart) was to create a Senior Representative team in 2014.  It is hard to believe that I am now currently working with Class of 2019 Seniors.  This year, I added my first Tween Representative team to the mix as well.  

Through an application and selection process, I pick students who I feel that I have a connection with and who I feel will work hard for my brand and to be the face of Dreamhigh Photography.  While I cannot choose everyone who applies, I am grateful to everyone who takes an interest.  This year is no exception.  These students always take up a special place in my heart and I am always sad when our year together is over.

I would like to introduce you to the 2018/2019 Representative team for Dreamhigh Photography.

First is Isabelle Soto, otherwise known as Izzy.  I have known Izzy since she was about three-years-old.  I was her daycare lady.  When I was pregnant with my son Easton and I couldn't handle making food, I would make this poor little girl a cheese quesadilla everyday for lunch, because it was quick and easy.  I have no idea how she can stand the sight of cheese now, but she swears that she loves it.  

Izzy has grown into a stunning young woman and I cannot wait to work with her more this year.  

Next is Merrisa Schwartz.  Merrisa and I both have a deep love of 4-H.  Merrisa loves researching things and learning.  She is smart and wonderful to have a conversation with.  She photographs beautifully and I cannot wait to have more sessions with Merrisa this year.


Courtney is a multi-generation representative on my team.  Her older sister Ambyr was on my team two-years ago.  Courtney loves art and design.  (She's also notorious for locking her keys in her car.)  Courtney is a true beauty inside and out and is full of ideas about shoots that we can do this year.  I am excited to work with her and see what we can create!

Sasha is one of the most hardworking young people that I know.  On top of school she works full time.  She also is addicted to dying her hair.  She has a super fun personality and is a blast to be around!

Last but not least is my only young gentleman of the year on my team, and he is a true superstar.  Carson is a Varsity Golfer with Vallivue High School and will be going to the National FFA Convention with the Agricultural Mechanics team.  He is polite and funny and so much fun to be around.

Now to move on to this year's Tween Representative team.  I am already so impressed by these young ladies.

Mila Astorquia is beautiful and polite.  She also lives on a small farm with over 40 animals, most of whom are miniature!  She stays busy with sports and 4-H.  She is a girl after my own heart.

Lexi Sevy is another wonderful young lady to have on my Tween Representative team.  Lexi did a great job helping out with this year's Traveling Dress Project Gallery.  She has a quiet sense of humor and is fun to work with.  I'm excited to get to know her more this year!

Last but not least is Miss Sophia.  She is dynamite in a small package.  I expect great things from her this year.  I always enjoy our conversations.  Sophia loves art and making slime!  Ewwwww!!!! 

I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know Dreamhigh Photography's 2018/2019 Senior and Tween Representatives.  Keep your eyes out for pictures of their sessions and be sure to let them know how they're doing by commenting on their photos.

We will be taking applications for the 2019/2020 year beginning in November.

God bless!



Dreamhigh Photography

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