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Wednesday, August 08, 2018
By Dreamhigh Photography
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While I was editing a session this morning, it occurred to me how blessed I am to have so many amazing editing tools at my fingertips.  One of the most useful and productive producers of Photoshop Actions that I use constantly within my editing process would have to be from the creators of Greater Than Gatsby.  They can be found here at:

When I first started on my journey to learn how to edit and to create my own style, Greater Than Gatsby was the first company that I purchased actions from.  I highly recommend them if you are striving to create your own style or to give your photographs a beautiful finished look of their own.

Two of the sets that I use the most are the Newborns I & II sets.  While I use them on more than just newborns, they help me achieve a beautiful and polished look on my newborn clients.  From balancing the colors and helping me with my lighting to all of the details that I apply to my little newborns that make all of the difference.  The creamy skin smoother, the rosy cheeks, the soft lip color boost, the darken and sharpen lashes -- all the way to the beautiful mattes offered in the Newborn II set.  They truly help me create a completed image and product for my client.

I highly recommend that you make the investment in the products offered by Greater Than Gatsby.  Whether you are a mom who just wants to create better photographs to have of your own children or if you are an aspiring professional photographer, Greater Than Gatsby's Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets are a must have for any collection of editing tools.

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