Heaven & Hell -- When angels collide
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Saturday, August 05, 2017
By Dreamhigh Photography
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As a photographer who mostly concentrates on portraiture, it's not often that I indulge in conceptual photography, especially from start to finish.  

Earlier this spring, I had a chance to work with a model at a workshop that I attended by the name of Kennedy Kaya.   She was quite simply, gorgeous.  I immediately had a vision of shooting her as an angel.  Due to the nature of her darker complexion and dark hair, I knew that she wouldn't fit the typical 'light and airy' good angel, but I knew that's what I wanted her to portray.  That meant however, that I wanted a blonde and light complected beauty to portray my dark angel.

I met with my prop designer and we discussed strategy and concepts for what I had in mind.  As the date drew nearer, we cancelled due to the high temperatures and then disaster struck.  My beautiful blonde angel, model and friend was in a horrible car accident.  I seriously considered terminating the shoot all together.  However at this point, my MUAH (make-up and hair artist) as well as my apprentice were both relying on photos from this shoot for school projects that they were taking over the summer.  I spoke to Ambyr and she gave her blessing and understanding that 'the show must go on.'

I found another stunning blonde model and then another issue arrived.  She was called to federal jury duty and couldn't get dismissed from it.  With everyone's tight summer schedules, there was no other days to shoot and get these images edited in time, so we were down to the wire.

Right as I was about to lose all hope, a beautiful young lady applied to be a part of one of my other programs.  As it turned out, two of my other Senior Representatives knew her and recommended her to me.  She was young, but I had a concrete feeling that she was just what I was looking for to be my blonde, dark angel.

So after months of planning and preparation, we braved 100 degree temperatures and some wicked terrain and set out to create some magic.  You can definitely say that this shoot was Heaven & Hell.  I am so proud of my angels, Kennedy and Jordan.  Samantha worked her make-up and hair magic as always, and Nina came through with the most amazing creations for props.  Special thanks to Meagan at Rooney Mae Couture for the beautiful gowns as well.

I hope that you all enjoy the creativity and months of hard work and some sleepless nights that went into creating these images.   You are a very large reason that I continue to do what I do.  Enjoy!

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